B2Linked Eliminates 70% of LinkedIn Ads Budgeting Workload Using Shape [Case Study]

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Many marketers will enthusiastically let you in on a powerful "new" marketing secret that B2Linked founder AJ Wilcox has long since championed:

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful places to build your business’s brand, distribute content to engaged audiences, and generate leads.

A Pioneer in the LinkedIn Advertising Landscape

While other agencies have focused on offering Google and Facebook advertising services, Wilcox and his team have been growing their clients' businesses exclusively with LinkedIn Ads since 2014.

As a pioneer in the LinkedIn Ads space and the largest LinkedIn Advertising agency in the world, B2Linked has faced challenges scaling.


Few solutions exist to help teams automate and optimize Linked Ad campaigns. For example, the team found themselves spending 20+ hours manually monitoring spend and performance metrics to ensure they met their clients' goals.

Partnering with Shape

"We weren’t looking for software but we were looking for a solution."

- Cody Howell, B2 Linked

With the help of the Shape platform, B2Linked automated the tedious LinkedIn Ads budgeting process and implemented proactive spend alerting, gaining valuable hours back to their workweek to focus on client success and strategy.

Budget Automation Frees Up More Time to Optimize Ads

Since onboarding Shape in October 2017, B2Linked has seen a noticeable reduction in the time they spend tracking LinkedIn Ads budgets and projecting out end-of-month spend.

B2Linked has reduced time spent budgeting from 20 hours a month to 5 to 7. The team now uses Shape to track over 3000 campaigns and $1 million in ad spend.

Digital Marketing Manager Cody Howell's favorite features: email alerting and budgeting pacing.

"Getting automatic updates when we spend X% of the budget makes it super easy. before I had to watch and try to calculate [spend]. Now I just get an email in my inbox. it saves me 70% of my time."

- Cody Howell, B2 Linked

Howell uses Shape's dashboard views to quickly surface pacing issues and view recommended daily budget changes in the platform. He also uses Shape's email alerts which automatically notify Howell to take action when campaigns are spending too quickly or slowly.

Finally, because data is refreshed every few hours directly from LinkedIn, the team can focus on optimizing campaigns rather than pulling countless spend reports or trying to avoid PPC spend tracking issues.

Read the Complete B2 Linked Case Study

To learn more about how B2Linked eliminated 70% of their LinkedIn budgeting workload, read the full case study.

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