Amplify PPC Spend Under Your Current Strategy

Identify and capitalize on lost spend opportunities without changing ad copy, keywords, bids, or targeting.

PPC budget recommendation tool, Budget Booster, shows score calculating missed spend opportunities

By simply raising budgets… what opportunity is out there?

Shape takes the guesswork out of budget recommendations with our proprietary Booster Score. Using metrics tied to impression share, Booster calculates the maximum spend potential for every campaign in Shape.

Booster scores and recommendations are rolled up to the Company and Client level to help your team quickly identify where your clients could be spending more.

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Booster Score

Booster Score measures the percentage of total available spend that a campaign captured in the last 60 days.

A Booster Score of 55 means your accounts are reaching just over half of their spend potential under current strategies.

Budget Recommendations for Clients

Take the guesswork out of budget increase recommendations. Provide data-backed analyses your clients can trust.

Booster calculates the potential spend of every campaign tied to a budget in Shape, helping making conversations about budget increases more transparent.

Budget Booster shows current budget and the maximum amount of spend opportunities possible

Make Changes Across Ad Networks

Once you’ve identified opportunities, make adjustments on the fly to client budgets, campaign daily budgets, and campaign statuses right from Booster.

Increase daily budgets in ad networks from Shape based on Budget Booster recommendations

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