Custom Values Now Available in Premium Shape ADI

add custom data fields to PPC budgets and clients

Custom Values, which allow you to add unique business data points to Clients and Budgets in Shape, are now available in the ADI.

Two months ago, Shape launched Custom Values. Custom Values allow Shape users to add unique data points to Clients and Budgets that are viewable in the platform’s dashboards and reports.

Shape customers are already using Custom Values to tie essential business data to their Budgets in Shape such as internal client and CRM IDs, PPC management fee calculations, and custom performance KPIs.

As of today, Custom Values are now available in the Shape platform and the ADI (Advertising Data Infrastructure). Integrating Custom Values into the ADI is an exciting and important step to helping digital advertising agencies automate their analysis and optimization processes even further.

Custom Values are accessible in the ADI via the custom_column_values view. The custom_column_values view is a premium view meaning Shape customers will need to upgrade to a Starter or Enterprise ADI to use it.

Custom Column Values view as shown in the Shape ADI

Advertisers can combine business data from the custom_column_values view with performance data from other ADI views at both the Client and Budget-level. That data can then be analyzed in BigQuery or other business intelligence tools to uncover strategic insights.

With Custom Values in the platform and ADI, Shape customers can analyze, segment, and report on their PPC data in endless new ways. Visit our Knowledge Base or schedule a meeting with our team to learn more.


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