Compare Clients’ Historical PPC Spends to Past Budget Targets with Shape Reports

Drawing of a Shape In-Platform PPC report

Shape initially launched the Historical RollOver Report as part of our In-Platform Reporting. We updated it to the Historical Budget Report to allow Shape users to track historical data for all Budgets (regardless if RollOver is enabled).

Agencies that manage clients with strict PPC budgets know that hitting that cap with perfect precision is nearly impossible thanks to the variability of ad platform bidding auctions.

Some digital advertising agencies solve this problem by invoicing a client for their full budget amount upfront and then simply rolling over any underspend or overspend to the next budget cycle. Others wait until all spend has accumulated for a billing cycle and bill exact cost. Still others offer both. Whatever style of billing is employed by an agency, one difficulty remains: keeping track of which clients spent what, when.

Shape automatically solves the problem of tracking historical PPC spend for Shape Budgets (including under- or overspends) with the Historical Budget Report.

The Company Historical Budget Report makes it easy to see how closely Clients hit or missed their budget targets for any budget cycle as well as view historical spend.

Launch a Company Historical Budget Report

Screenshot of Shape's company-level Historical Budget Report

By completing three simple steps, you can launch a Company Historical Budget Report for all your clients in under a minute.

  • Step #1 - Navigate to your Shape Dashboard and select the graph icon in the “Tools” toolbar.
  • Screenshot showing where to click the Reports icon in the Shape platform

  • Step #2 - On the Company Reports page, click “Company Historical Budget Report”.
  • Screenshot showing the Company Reports page in Shape where users access the Historical Budget Report

  • Step #3 - Log in to Google if you’re asked to do so. Then click “Open Report” to go directly to the report.
  • Screenshot showing the form Shape users enter contacts' email addresses to share reports with them.

Check out the In-Platform Reports section in Shape’s Knowledge Base for more detail on launching and sharing Company-level reports including the Live Company Dashboard and the PPC Company Performance Report. There's also detailed information on our other client and budget-level reports.

Who Should I Share the Company Historical Budget Report with?

The Company Historical Budget Report displays spend, budget amount, and rollover (if enabled) for all active Clients in Shape. Because the report displays data for multiple Clients, we do not suggest sharing this report externally with Clients. If you share this report with a Client they will have access and insight into your other Clients’ performance metrics.

This report is helpful to share internally with other members of your company who do not have access to Shape in order to discuss Client spend. The report shows how closely a Client’s spend exceeded or fell short of its budget target for any given Budget Cycle for up to one year.

This report not only helps in keeping historical records Budget performance, but it can be useful for diagnosing how seasonality and industry shifts change spends as well. For example, the Historical Budget Report can highlight if you have a Client who overspends by 50%+ in January, February, and March but underspends June, July, and August every year. With this information, you may be able to convince your Client to increase budgets at the beginning of the year and drop them mid-year.

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