New Feature: Add a Team Member in Read-Only Mode

User permissions settings in Shape

The Story Behind Read-Only

Do you want to share Shape with a coworker but worry that they might mistakenly push changes?

Ad spend data draws attention within a company.

Account managers. CEOs. CFOs. Lots of people may be interested in spend data depending on their role.

PPC advertisers use Shape every day to manage digital ad budgets. Originally built as a tool for analysts, every Shape user had the power to make edits and push changes to ad campaigns directly from the Shape UI.

But teams started to ask if there was a way to give people outside of the PPC department access to Shape without allowing them to make changes.

Introducing Read-Only

Shape customers can now do just that with the new ‘Read-Only Mode’ available on the Team Settings page.

Shape's invite team member form showing how users select a user's role.

Read-Only users have permission to make a very small number of changes to Shape (mostly impacting their personal view/filtering of Shape).

Details on Read Only

Read-Only users cannot change budget or automation settings.

Read Only users can:

  • Add/remove a tag from any client
  • Add/remove email setting from any tag
  • Add/edit/delete a note on a budget
  • Update their avatar and name
  • Change their password
  • Update any tag
  • Generate in-platform PPC reports

IMPORTANT NOTE: Read-Only users can view all clients/budgets within a Shape account. Therefore, it is highly recommended thatRead-Only status on be applied to users in your organization. Do not add clients as Read Only unless you want them to have access to all client/budget data in Shape.

Table of Permissions for Each Roles

Here’s a table of what permissions each role has within Shape:

Chart showing full breakdown of actions that can be performed by Shape users based on their role.

More About Read-Only

For more details on how to implement and edit roles for people within your organization, go to Team Member Roles in our Support Center.

As always, reach out to us if you have any questions or need any help at [email protected].

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