Manage New Google Ads Campaign Types in Shape: Performance Max, Universal App Campaigns, & More

Google Ads campaign types available in the platform

Several new Google Ads campaign types are now fully supported in Shape

Many PPC agencies are bullish on testing out new Google Ads’ campaign types (such as Performance Max campaigns) for their clients as soon as they launch.

We regularly hear from our customers how important it is to be able to track and manage spend for these campaigns types as soon as possible. That's why today, we’re thrilled to announce that Shape platform now fully supports the following campaign types:

Advertisers can track spend and performance metrics, automate budgeting tasks, and report on these campaigns (via in-platform reports and the ADI). PPC advertisers can also utilize all of Shape's automation solutions on the new campaign types including AutoPilot and CruiseControl which help prevent costly overspends and evenly pace campaign spend.

These new campaign types were added to Shape as part of a larger transition that moved our platform from the Google AdWords API to the Google Ads API. This update will allow Shape to support updates Google Ads makes even faster. Check back for more product announcements soon!


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