[Podcast] Accountability and Freedom with Michael Mack

Who wouldn’t want to experience a little more freedom in life? And what does that have to do with accountability?

Michael Mack is back on this episode of Shape the Conversation. He discusses accountability and freedom both in and out of the professional space.

Show Notes

On this episode of Shape the Conversation, we invited the great Michael Mack onto our set to tell us all about his new LinkedIn post titled, "Accountability & Freedom". Michael and Jon cover topics like:

  • What does it mean to be accountable
  • The will to want to make a change
  • How to own your own accountability
  • How to be happy with who you are
  • Goal vs. Intention
  • Feeling “stuck” between choices you don't like
  • Practicing the "constant" smoothes you out

Don't blame others. Don't blame yourself. Mistakes happen in life and being accountable means finding a solution that solves the issue and works for everyone involved. Take the things that didn't work as a learning experience not as a failure. Keep your attention on the outcome you want to create and let go of blame.

"The primary outcomes of accountability are improved results and an increased sense of choice and interestingly enough, freedom. Try it yourself." - Michael Mack

About the Hosts

Nicole Mears

Nicole is a former PPC analyst, department head, and product manager. She focuses on marketing and customer success.

Jon Davis

Spent years as a PPC consultant and agency analyst before focusing on making software.


This episode was produced by Max Bettendorf.

A big thanks also to 🎼 Music Flow Teaching for the intro and outro music, if you are in Central Oregon you should look them up for in-home creative music lessons.🎼)

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