The New Budget Pacer: Reimagining PPC Management at Scale

PPC Budget Pacer logo with satellite and star


All products begin as a theory. The vast majority are rejected early due to some apparent flaw. Others make it a little further only to be discredited later. There are a small few that manage to outlast the grueling examination process of the free market however.

This is the story of Budget Pacer: an idea that has survived time, industry, and analytical scrutiny to become one of Shape’s most valuable products.

Since its launch in 2016, Budget Pacer has seen updates that were mostly conservative in nature. This most recent update does not share the reservations of those past updates.

Budget Pacer has been completely redesigned from the ground up to prepare it for a long and successful future in our app portal.

So what’s in this redesign?

New PPC Budget Pacing Visuals

Well, how about some sweet charts?! You can now visualize your current pace of spend and compare that against a corrected pace.

Shape Budget Pacer chart with current and corrected trends

Want to know how this corrected pace will affect performance? You can quickly visualize that too.

Shape Budget Pacer projections

New Budget Forecasting

New advanced forecasting metrics and an improved implementation form help you make a quick analysis and take even quicker action.

Shape PPC Budget Pacer recommended daily budget corrections

New Weighted Pacing Algorithm

We’ve also introduced a hotly-requested pace algorithm: weighted pacing. Weighted pacing provides campaign corrections according to the size of your currently set daily budgets in relation to one another.

Shape PPC Budget Pacer correction settings: weighted, optimized, or balanced

Before altering your carefully crafted campaigns, you should have a clear understanding of the changes. That’s why we’ve dramatically improved the alert system to bring better awareness to important changes and unexpected scenarios that affect campaign “corrections.”

Shape PPC Budget Pacer warnings

We know Budget Pacer is a better way to pace PPC advertising costs and that's why we're so excited to watch our customers use this new tool.

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