Free PPC Budget Tracking Template for Data Studio

Shape PPC Budget Tracking report template

It’s tough work for digital advertisers to manage PPC campaigns for multiple clients with strict KPI and spend targets. At Shape, we know this struggle well. The reason why we built Shape in the first place was to help digital advertisers manage PPC campaigns with specific budget targets at scale.

Shape was designed with the digital advertiser in mind but we know our customer’s clients want more real-time insights into how their campaigns are performing and spending as well. The PPC Budget Tracking report was designed to help solve this need.

The PPC Budget Tracking template can be shared with clients or stakeholders to help foster communication regarding how campaigns are performing against their budget targets. Along with spend-related metrics, the report also highlights top-level KPIs to assist in performance conversations.

Preview the PPC Budget Tracking template:

Data Sources Supported: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads

What the PPC Budget Tracking Template Includes:

The PPC Budget Tracking template is designed to be a shareable dashboard for Shape platform customers to provide to their clients and/or other important stakeholders.

For this report to work properly, Shape customers need to have already created Clients and Budgets in Shape. The PPC Budget Tracking report displays the same metrics and spend data Shape customers see on the platform. However, the report can be used to share performance data with each of your clients securely (as opposed to giving clients access to the platform where they’d be able to see other clients’ data).

  • Page 1 - All Budget Performance
  • Displays all current Budgets being tracked for a Client (or Clients). This view shows each Budget’s progress toward its Budget target along with performance metrics for the current budget cycle.

  • Page 2 - All Campaign Performance
  • Displays campaign performance metrics for all campaigns tracked in a Client's (or Clients') Budgets.

  • Page 3 - Individual Budget Performance
  • Filter this report by both Client and Budget to see performance metrics and spend for an individual Budget. This view shows a Budget’s progress toward its Budget target along with performance metrics for the current budget cycle.

  • Page 4 - Campaign Breakdown by Budget
  • Displays campaign performance metrics for the campaigns tracked in a specific Client and Budget. Includes breakdowns of spend allocation by Ad Network and Ad Channel.

To generate a report for each client, first, duplicate the report. Then set a report-level filter on the Client’s name as it's displayed in Shape. This will allow you to show each Client their unique data.

How To Launch Your Own:

Directions to launch your PPC Budget Tracking Report

Shape offers five always-free, campaign-level data views. Generate a cross-channel PPC Budget Tracking report for your clients at no cost.

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