Product Updates - January 2021 - Easier Future Budget Scheduling, Improved Bulk Editing, and Movable Quick Edit Forms

More details on these recent product releases can be found in our Knowledge Base.

What's new in Shape in January 2021:

Future Budget Scheduling Update

Future Budget Scheduling has been improved to provide more clarity on future budgets. Launch the new features by navigating to the Budget Settings page from a Budget View, and you'll see a SCHEDULE tab in the left-hand navigation.

For more information on Scheduling Future Budgets, check out The Budget Scheduler help article in our knowledge base.

Improved Bulk Editing

Shape has updated our platform to allow for greater flexibility updating certain budget, campaign, and keyword elements in bulk. You can now change daily campaign budgets, keyword CPC bids, and CruiseControl min, max, and default daily budgets in bulk. You can adjust them by a specific value, increase/decrease by a percentage, or increase/decrease by an amount.

For more information on what values are now editable in bulk, check out the release notes for bulk editing in our knowledge base.

Movable Quick Edit Forms

Quick Edit forms can now be moved anywhere on the screen for easier data entry. Previously, when you clicked on an element such as a campaign status, daily budget, or keyword CPC bid, our Quick Edit form would appear on screen. However, it was not movable and often obscured important information needed to make optimizations. Quick Edit forms can now be moved as needed.

More details on these recent product releases can be found in our Knowledge Base.

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