Product Updates - November 2020 - In-Platform PPC Reports

Details on how to create, view, and share these new reports can be found in the In-Platform Reporting section of the Knowledge Base.

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What's new in Shape in November 2020:

Introducing Shape Reports: In-Platform PPC Reports

New in-platform PPC reports are now available via your dashboard. Look for the bar graph icon in the upper right-hand side of the main dashboard, client view, and budget view pages within Shape. Share PPC insights and metrics with your team members, stakeholders, and/or clients in seconds with a few simple steps.

In-platform reports are launching with 7 brand new reports and there are plans to launch more in the the months ahead. The reports are currently segmented into three levels: company, client, and budget.

Some reports (ex: company-level) are intended to provide your business with insight into your agency's top-level, cross-client performance and are meant to be shared internally. Others, including the client-level and budget-level reports are designed to be shared with clients in order to give them more real-time insight into their budget and campaign performance.

Quick links to information about Shape Reports

What are In-Platform Reports?

Launching In-Platform Reports

Accessing In-Platform Reports (for Non-Shape Users)

Company-Level In-Platform Reports

Client-Level In-Platform Reports

Budget-Level In-Platform Reports

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