Product Updates - Spring 2022 - Improvements to Platform Speed, Toolbars, and More

More details on these recent product releases can be found in our Knowledge Base.

We've had a busy spring enhancing several platform features and improving overall platform speed and security. Discover what's new to Shape as of Spring 2022:

Toolbar Improvements

You may have noticed the Toolbar in the upper right-hand corner of Shape looks a bit different. We've added labels to all of the navigation buttons to provide additional clarity about the various tools and functionalities that are found on the toolbar.

The toolbar has been updated across multiple platform pages including the main dashboard, client view, and budget view.

Toolbar update in Shape PPC budgeting platform

View Scheduled Budget Amounts from Previous Cycles

You can now view the budget amounts you have scheduled for past cycles. See the Schedule section of any budget settings form to view this new information.

Schedule Budgets tool shows past cycle's target budget amounts

In addition to this, an indicator has been added to the budget page that lets you know if the upcoming cycle has an amount scheduled, and what that new amount will be.

The next scheduled future budget is shown on the budget view.

BudgetPacer now integrates with CruiseControl

BudgetPacer now gives budget corrections for your CruiseControl daily budget settings in addition to all previous recommendations. If your daily budget has a correction, your CruiseControl settings will correct in tandem to support the updated daily budget.

See what corrections the updated BudgetPacer has in store for your campaigns!

CruiseControl settings have been integrated into BudgetPacer

Platform Speed, Load Time, and Security upgrades

After releasing several visual updates over the last year, we're excited to release some backend updates to our platform to make it more efficient for you.

We've improved the load times of our pages meaning you can view and optimize your PPC spend and performance data faster. Likewise, you should see improved experience utilizing Shape on slower internet connections and/or older computers/mobile devices. Finally, we continue to constantly upgrade Shape's security measures to the latest standards to ensure our platform is as secure as possible.

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