Shape in Action

Tyler Juhola, our VP of Business Development, takes you on an excelerated tour of our platform.

Discover how easy it is to create your first budget and sync data from Google, Bing, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Learn about unique solutions like AutoPilot, RollOver and SmartSync.

See the types of reports you can generate and how Shape is enabling analysts to spend more time focused on optimizing activities and less time doing manual work.

Product & Company Info

Details on the headaches we have seen working in the PPC industry and how Shape is designed to solve them.

Screenshots of key features and dashboards.

Testimonials and statistics from our customers describing how our platform has changed their workday.

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Before & After

Garrett at Directive Consulting Shape to empower his agency
Garrett Mehrguth

Directive Consulting


"We easily have 25% more time to focus on optimizing accounts because of Shape"

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Directive Shape Case Study

Custom Demo

Get a guided tour and see everything the platform has to offer your organization

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Tyler Juhola<

Tyler Juhola

VP of Business Development

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VP of Marketing & Communications

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