Our Suite of Solutions

Shape is designed to solve the problems facing the modern digital marketing organization.

What solutions are you looking for?

Simple & Intuitive Interface

Fast & Light

We prioritize the usability and speed of our platform by putting you, the customer, at the front of every decision we make. It's easy to understand, easy to use, and extremely powerful under the hood.
Our interface is designed using Google’s own industry leading Material Design principles.

Quick View Dashboard

There is no easier way to get a quick view of 'spend vs. budget' for all accounts. The goal of the Dashboard is to give analysts the peace of mind that spend is right where it needs to be. Scroll through hundreds of accounts in seconds and quickly identify issues that may need to be addressed.

Never Overspend

Handle More - Stress Less

Customers have embraced our unique product line to deal with the most common day to day headaches of account management:

AutoPilot eliminates the threat of overspending.
SmartSync automatically integrates accounts into budgets.
RollOver rolls excess or unused spend from cycle to cycle.
And all three work in perfect harmony providing everyone from analysts to clients with peace of mind.

All In One Place

View And Make Changes

Our Decision Grid pulls in over 30 performance metrics across Google Adwords, BingAds and FacebookAds to help inform an analyst's decisions. Sort, remove and add columns to create custom views containing the data that matters most to you and your team. Once you know what you need to do, take action and make edits across channels to Budget, Status and Bid.

Boundless Data Archives

Achives begin storing Campaign and Budget information as soon as you onboard Campaigns. Easily switch between current and past cycles and export as a csv or pdf to fuel reports, reconcile accounting, or help make decisions.

Organized For Agencies

From Admin to Analyst

Our Company views provide a clear understanding of workload distribution by analyst.
Analyst views allow Campaigns to be grouped Across Ad Networks into Budgets and Clients giving you the ultimate Campaign management flexibility.

Reference - Categorize - Customize

The best way to organize and view your PPC data is only obvious to you and your team. With Tags you can add layers of custom information about your clients to Shape.

Forecasting and Alerts

Budget Forecasting

Spot trends and prevent mistakes before they happen. Compare Budget Projections against our Ideal Line to see what spend will be at the end of the billing period and make instant corrections from inside Shape or in the native Ad Interfaces.

Custom Alert Settings

Every organization is different. Use flexible settings to keep alerts in line with your unique business rules and adjust as needed. Receive those custom alerts In Real Time to take action right when it is needed.

Improve The Organization

Instant Awareness Across Departments

Shape monitors Campaigns within the hour and sends alerts right to your email inbox. Copy others to specific budgets to spread those email alerts throughout the organization, getting information into the right hands as soon as possible.

A More Productive You

As former PPC professionals, we know that successful Campaigns and happy clients take time. Lots of time. Shape is designed to eliminate tedious, time consuming tasks adding hours back to your week.