Multi-Channel PPC API for Digital Marketers

Automate Campaign Management, Optimization, and Reporting with a Robust Two-Way Advertising API

Empowering Innovation Within the Modern Agency

Unlock your agency's competitive advantages faster than ever with the Shape API.

Our API handles the challenges of advertising data collection, normalization, change submission, and maintenance at enterprise scale. Access thousands of data points from multiple ad networks via a single API.

Simply generate an authentication token and start writing queries using our GraphQL query builder and rich documentation today.

Tombras uses Shape
Revlocal uses Shape
Reprise Media uses Shape
Directive Consulting uses Shape
ZATO Marketing uses Shape

Automation Toolkit

Need to change campaign status based on inventory or adjust keyword bids to optimize conversions?

Use the Shape API to programmatically make changes to any search or social campaign.

Rapid Development

With the Shape Forge, you can prototype before writing a single line of code

The Shape API uses GraphQL, a revolutionary API engine created by Facebook, which allows you to request data in understandable ways. You get exactly what you need and nothing more.

Empower Your Agency
with an API built for Ad Technology

Enterprise Reliability

Our public API has been developed to handle massive data loads across millions of advertisers.

Enterprise Scale

The API has you covered from account to keyword and every segment in between.


Our improvements are your improvements. Take advantage of every API update, every new metric, and every new integration Shape makes.


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