PPC Budget Management Software

We provide agencies with powerful tools to take control of PPC spend. Never worry about pacing or over/underspend again.


A better way to control, organize, and collaborate on ad spend at scale with PPC automation software.

Built on top of the Shape platform, our apps focus on what we know best: Budgeting and APIs.

Combine your performance goals with our algorithm to keep your ad spend on pace.

Budget analysis designed to help you identify and capitalize on lost opportunities.

Build powerful tools with a centralized, easy-to-use marketing API.

Our Customers

Tombras uses Shape
Revlocal uses Shape
Reprise Media uses Shape
Directive Consulting uses Shape
ZATO Marketing uses Shape
Garrett at Directive uses Shape to empower his agency

"Highly Recommended."

We no longer worry about under or over spending which was a huge pain point with large accounts who constantly start and stop their campaigns. We can now always stay right on track. We easily have 25% more time to focus on optimizing accounts because of Shape.
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Directive - Garrett Mehrguth
Benjamin Bonnet of Reprise Media uses Shape

"Focus on what matters."

Shape has definitely changed our "PPC" life, doing what no other tool is able to do. Budget monitoring can be really time consuming when you have several clients, with many accounts, for many projects. Thanks to Shape we can really focus on what matters to have the best campaigns: optimizing, A/B testing, etc…
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Reprise Media Belgium - Benjamin Bonnet

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