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    The Power Of Flexibility
    Simplify PPC Account Management
    With A Platform That Adapts to How You Operate

Automate Budgeting


The Ultimate Insurance Policy

Campaigns pause and enable based on available budget.


Intelligent Budget Targets

Factor over/under spending into decision making and reporting.


Dynamically Link Accounts to Budgets

Newly created Campaigns are auto synced and accounted for.

Optimize & Report


Powerful Editor

Analyze, act and report on data down to the keyword using over 30 performance metrics.


Distribute Spend Based on Priorities

Campaign daily budget suggestions based on what metrics matter most to your accounts.


Reference and Report Past Data

Deliver reports to clients and teammates using data from past budget cycles.

Build Custom Solutions


Visualize All Your Data in One Place

Quickly identify over/under spending for any account in seconds.


Categorize & Isolate Clients

Add layers of custom information, and sort Clients by industry or analyst.


Take Complete Control of Budget Settings

Group any Campaign, set any date range, and create custom email alerts.

Connect Your Business

Introducing the Shape API

The Shape API allows access to all your advertising data in one universal, easy-to-use API. With the Shape API, you can build applications small and large for yourself, or your organization.

Live Product Demos the 1st and 3rd Thursday of Every Month

Understand the basics in just 15 minutes

Who we work with

G5 uses Shape
Revlocal uses Shape
Reprise Media uses Shape
Internet Valor uses Shape
Entrata uses Shape
Directive Consulting uses Shape
ZATO Marketing uses Shape
norisk uses Shape
Space & Time uses Shape
motiv8d uses Shape
Kirk at Zato Marketing uses Shape to manage his clients

"I'm Hooked."

I began using Shape last year, and really value it as an alert system. It allows me to monitor AdWords and Bing Ads budgets for a client in one place (other benefits to it as well!) which is hugely valuable to me.
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Kirk Williams - ZATO
Garrett at Directive Consulting uses Shape to empower his agency

"Highly Recommended."

We no longer worry about under or over spending which was a huge pain point with large accounts who constantly start and stop their campaigns. We can now always stay right on track. We easily have 25% more time to focus on optimizing accounts because of Shape.
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Directive Consulting - Garrett Mehrguth
Jarred Baker uses Shape to manage his 30+ clients

"Helps me not stress."

Shape helps me not stress about budgets when I leave my desk. I can walk out of the office on a Friday, snowboard all weekend, have some fun, and not once do I have to think about the nightmare that is overspending on my budgets. I come back on Monday and my budgets are exactly where they need to be.
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Jarred Baker - G5 Search Marketing
Benjamin Bonnet of Reprise Media uses Shape

"Focus on what matters."

Shape has definitely changed our "PPC" life, doing what no other tool is able to do. Budget monitoring can be really time consuming when you have several clients, with many accounts, for many projects. Thanks to Shape we can really focus on what matters to have the best campaigns: optimizing, A/B testing, etc…
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Reprise Media Belgium - Benjamin Bonnet
Shape provides unparalleled digital marketing software

Custom Demo

Get a guided tour and see everything the platform has to offer your organization

Software That Fits

Tyler Juhola, our VP of Business Development, takes you on a brief tour of the platform.

Get a glimpse of unique solutions like AutoPilot, RollOver and SmartSync.

See how our dashboard and budget creation process can adapt to your needs.

Shape in Detail

Tyler Juhola, our VP of Business Development, takes you on an extended tour of our platform.

Discover how easy it is to create your first budget and sync data from Google, Bing and Facebook.

Learn about unique solutions like AutoPilot, RollOver and SmartSync.

See the types of reports you can generate and how Shape is enabling analysts to spend more time focused on optimizing activities and less time doing manual work.