Data Warehousing for Digital Agencies

Accelerate Innovation and Fuel Performance with Robust PPC Data

Powering the Next Generation of Ad Agencies

Transform your agency’s PPC data into profit-driving insights and solutions faster with the Shape Data Warehouse.

Our turnkey Data Warehouse offers some of the most robust ad platform integrations available paired with the processing power and speed of Google BigQuery. Tap into current and historical ad data across multiple ad platforms in seconds.

The Data Warehouse is entrusted by agencies like yours to collect, analyze and store over 3+ billion data points and $3M in ad spend every day. Start creating stunning results and award-winning marketing experiences for your clients today.

Shape has given us a license to be more creative knowing they can support us on our journey of building the advertising death star platform.

“As a large agency, we needed a stable data warehouse solution that would allow us to build our tech platform on top of quickly. The solution has allowed us to focus on user experience to provide the most value for our customers. The team has been super responsive with our requests for different datasets which have given us a license to be more creative knowing they can support us on our journey of building the advertising death star platform”

Ricky Solanki
Push Group, Joint CEO

Build Solutions Shaped by Your Agency’s Unique Needs

  • Scale Best Practices that Make your Agency Stand Out
  • Unify PPC Reporting Across Your Organization
  • Find and Fix Issues Before Clients Do

Deliver Products Your CEO Promises, Faster

  • Create Best-in-Class Digital Advertising Tools
  • Streamline PPC Data Management
  • Ship Products on Time and Under Budget

No DBA. No ETL. No API Maintenance.

  • Trust Shape to be Your Digital Advertising API Expert
  • Access Thousands of PPC Metrics & Dimensions
  • Deploy Code in Days, not Months

We rely on Shape to simplify and accelerate our access to advertising data in order to efficiently manage and optimize campaigns.

“G5 leverages the Shape Data Warehouse to automate optimizations across advertising channels. In a recent pilot test using G5’s proprietary artificial intelligence platform and campaign data accessed through Shape, we were able to increase the total number of conversions and decrease cost-per-click by 16%.”

David Rodrigues
G5, SVP Product Management

Why Choose Shape?

  • Fully Managed & Maintained
  • Google BigQuery Infrastructure
  • Blended Cross-Platform Data
  • Multiple Ad Networks
  • No Datasource or Account Limits
  • Seamlessly Integrate with Reporting & BI Tools

Harness Your Agency’s PPC Data

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