Intelligent PPC Budget Pacing

Combine your unique performance goals with Shape’s algorithms to keep your ad spend on pace.

Hit your budget targets on time, every time.

Clients may not want ads paused for long stretches of time. Budget Pacer helps you allocate spend more evenly across your budget cycle so you can focus on more creative tasks.

Historical performance data is run through Shape's pacing algorithms. Pacer then generates daily budget suggestions that help you hit your budget targets.

Mold the suggestions to match your spend goals using flexible settings. Spread budget evenly across campaigns or funnel more spend to high-performing campaigns based on metrics you select.

Predict the Future

Adjusting campaign daily budgets is an important part of a PPC marketer’s job. But projecting the effects of those changes is difficult.

Make smarter pacing decisions with BudgetPacer. Better predict campaign performance by comparing results at your current pace versus Shape’s suggested pace.

Flexible Settings

No two clients are exactly alike. Choose the metrics that matter most to each client. Pacer automatically adjusts it’s recommendations to drive spend to campaigns that will help you hit your priority metrics.

Take Action

Edit the campaign daily budget of any Adwords or BingAds campaign directly from BudgetPacer.

Review and push multiple changes across campaigns and ad networks with just one click.


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