Connect Cross-Channel PPC Data to Google BigQuery

Analyze massive amounts of current and historical advertising data in seconds. Combine the processing power of Google BigQuery with Shape’s robust PPC platform integrations for all the big business data you need.

Feed PPC data into Google BigQuery with Shape Advertising Data Infrastructure

Our Customers

Tombras uses Shape
Revlocal uses Shape
Reprise Media uses Shape
Directive Consulting uses Shape
ZATO Marketing uses Shape


Our advertising data infrastructure is designed to take on the heavy lifting of data management to enrich powerful tools such as Google BigQuery.

1. Sync all your PPC
data sources to Shape
Image showing how to sync ad platorm data sources to Shape
2. Enable your BigQuery
data warehouse
Image showing how to generate a PPC data warehouse in Shape
3. Work with your PPC data
in BigQuery
Image showing data from Shape PPC data warehouse in Google BigQuery

Fully-Managed PPC Data Warehouse

Build the future of PPC technology with a powerful, fully-managed Data Warehouse. Shape manages API updates, hosting, and infrastructure scaling at no additional cost to you. Focus on solving your company's unique reporting and tooling needs instead of worrying about your data foundation.

Google BigQuery Powered by ADIAdvertising Data Infrastructure

Google BigQuery Powered by ADI


Fuel your PPC data analytics engine with Shape's ADI. Uncover business-changing insights when you by combine robust advertising data from Shape's cross-channel API with the speed and power of Google BigQuery.

Shape advertising data infrastructure with API, datawarehouse, and agency analytics layers

Your PPC Technology Partner

Utilize our team’s years of expertise launching new PPC technology to help your company build the right solutions. Connect directly with our development team to take advantage of our built-in consulting services.

Shape provides built-in consulting services to partners

Shape has given us a license to be more creative knowing they can support us on our journey of building the advertising death star platform.

“As a large agency, we needed a stable data warehouse solution that would allow us to build our tech platform on top of quickly. The solution has allowed us to focus on user experience to provide the most value for our customers. The team has been super responsive with our requests for different datasets which have given us a license to be more creative knowing they can support us on our journey of building the advertising death star platform”

Shape advertising data infrastructure client, Ricky Solanki, joint CEO of Push Agency
Ricky Solanki
Push Group, Joint CEO

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