AI-Driven Daily PPC Budget Optimization

CruiseControl uses artificial intelligence to automatically adjust campaign daily budgets and pace advertising costs towards your target PPC budget.

CruiseControl automated budget pacing shows controlled PPC spending throughout budget cycle

How CruiseControl Works

CruiseControl calculates and applies campaign daily budget adjustments to achieve evenly paced spend throughout a Budget cycle.

Automation With Thresholds

When setting up CruiseControl, you select a campaign's default daily budget, minimum daily budget, and maximum daily budget. Shape uses these settings to apply automated daily budget changes within tolerable ranges for each campaign.

CruiseControl gauge for setting min, default, and max daily budget thresholds
CruiseControl guage set to minimum daily budget threshold

Minimum Daily Budget

The Min setting is the lowest possible amount that CruiseControl may set a daily budget.

CruiseControl guage set to default daily budget

Default Daily Budget

Campaign daily budgets are raised or lowered from the Default. If spend is on track, the daily budget will revert to the default.

CruiseControl guage set to maximum daily budget threshold

Maximum Daily Budget

The Max setting is the highest possible amount that CruiseControl may set a daily budget.

Reduce Underspending

Don't leave spend on the table when daily campaign budgets are set too low. CruiseControl chips away at underspend by identifying opportunities to increase spend through routine budget adjustments.

  • Campaign daily budgets increase as needed
  • Daily budgets adjust back down once campaigns are on pace
  • Max and Min thresholds ensure daily budgets stay within limits
Shape CruiseControl car logo

AI Has Your Back

CruiseControl is powered by artificial intelligence that quickly adapts to recent changes to campaign performance and spending.

  • Accurately pace campaigns with irregular spending patterns
  • Hit budget targets whether you are at your desk or not
  • Supervise pacing algorithms with threshold settings
Kirk Williams at ZATO uses Shape to empower his agency

"Shape is our watchful 3rd eye."

ZATO - Kirk Williams

Automate the Monotonous

CruiseControl takes the manual work out of budget pacing so you can focus on strategy and developing deeper relationships with your clients.

  • No spreadsheets/scripts needed
  • Works across ad networks
  • Frequent adjustments throughout the day keep spend on track
Garrett at Directive uses Shape to empower his agency

"We easily have 25% more time to optimize accounts because of Shape."

Directive CEO - Garrett Mehrguth

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