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In their own words

Kirk Williams

President, ZATO

"I'm Hooked."

To be perfectly honest with you, I was a major skeptic of Shape for months (and communicated that to them). Why would I pay for a software that does what I can do for "free"? After multiple attempts to utilize some sort of cobbled-together script (which would only have tracked Adwords) and much discussion with Jon of Shape, I decided to give the free demo a try. Coincidentally, I was on vacation at the time so did not have constant access to my accounts. Shape alerted me to 2 clients through email and I was able to go in and prevent a budget overage. After a couple more weeks, I realized I was going to Shape often to quick-glance at my client accounts for aggregate budget totals, this was especially a win since I have multiple logins for Bing Ads and it's quite annoying. I'm hooked.

Garrett Mehrguth

Founder/CEO, Directive

"Highly Recommended."

We no longer worry about under or over spending which was a huge pain point with large accounts who constantly start and stop their campaigns. We can now always stay right on track. We easily have 25% more time to focus on optimizing accounts because of Shape. Highly Recommended.

Max Massia

Head of Media, Next&Co

"You'll see returns from day 1."

With Shape, we say goodbye to the tedious manual checks and we gain an invaluable peace of mind by letting the system adjust budgets towards one common goal. We reduced pacing-related incidents by 80% since we started using Shape. And total billing increased by 10% just by simply being more effective at spending the planned budgets evenly throughout the campaign flight.

Benjamin Bonnet

Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, Reprise Media Belgium

"Focus on what matters."

Shape has definitely changed our “PPC” life, doing what no other tool is able to do. Budget monitoring can be really time consuming when you have several clients, with many accounts, for many projects. With Shape, you can have an overview of all your running budgets with colors that warn of over or underspending. You can easily deep dive into each campaign budget to see the ideal budget vs what you are currently spending so you can take action accordingly. Thanks to Shape we can really focus on what matters to have the best campaigns: optimizing, A/B testing, etc…

Ricky Solanki

Joint CEO, Push Group

"license to be more creative"

As a large agency, we needed a stable data warehouse solution that would allow us to build our tech platform on top of quickly. The solution has allowed us to focus on user experience to provide the most value for our customers. The team has been super responsive with our requests for different datasets which have given us a license to be more creative knowing they can support us on our journey of building the advertising death star platform.

Niklas Bargstedt

Co-founder, Acuto


We use Shape to build advanced cross-channel optimisation, reporting, and analytics solutions for PPC teams in innovative agencies and it is at the core our managed data warehouse offering for a reason. Shape covers the main ad networks our clients are interested in so we’ve been able to reduce time spent on building custom solutions for agencies while also reducing maintenance costs.