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Intro to Funnel

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Funnel is a marketing analytics platform that simplifies data collection. Funnel replaces manual processes and spreadsheets with data integrations/pipelines from over 500 digital marketing and advertising data sources. Funnel's customers include ecommerce companies, media agencies, brands, b2b businesses, mobile apps and gaming companies.

Funnel Pricing

Before trialing Funnel, you'll need to book a demo. After the demo and trial, prices are listed as follows:

**Important: All plans are billed annually.**

Standard (Up to $100K spend) = $499/mo

Business (Up to $300K spend) - $799/mo

Professional (Up to $600k spend) - $999/mo

Enterprise/Agency $600K+) - Contact Sales

If the data source you are working with does not have ad spend, then there is an additional per data source charge. Pricing per source values are not listed on the website.

Find all the pricing details listed here.

Shape ADI Pricing

The Shape ADI pricing includes all data transfer and storage costs along with a managed data warehouse included. With Funnel, you are responsible for setting up, maintaining, and paying for additional storage fees tied to your data warehouse.

Shape ADI “Basic” - Free

  • No trial time restrictions - Receive free access to Shape ADI Basic forever
  • Unlimited monthly ad spend
  • Unlimited users, data sources, and accounts
  • 5 campaign warehouse views
  • Up to 100 requests/day to Shape’s API
  • Access to all connectors

Shape ADI - “Starter” Tier - $449/month

  • No trial time restrictions - Receive free access to Shape ADI Basic forever
  • Unlimited monthly ad spend
  • Unlimited users, data sources, and accounts
  • Select access to more data warehouse views
  • 100+ Shape API requests/day permitted
  • Access to all connectors

Shape ADI - “Enterprise” Tier - Contact for Pricing

  • No trial time restrictions - Receive free access to Shape ADI Basic forever
  • Unlimited monthly ad spend
  • Unlimited users, data sources, and accounts
  • Unlimited access to 40+ warehouse views
  • Complete Shape API access
  • Access to all connectors

Ad Network Connectors

Funnel connects within an amazing 500+ different marketing and sales data sources.

Shape is focused on data sources that represent the majority of PPC spend online. Those networks include:

  • Google Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads

The most notable difference between Funnel and Shape (when it comes to PPC related connectors) is that Funnel allows you to integrate with Google Analytics data through their software. Shape does not.


Funnel and Shape both offer fully maintained data pipelines. This means if an ad network makes a change to their API, both systems will auto update without your team having to make any changes to how your data is collected.

Shape also fully maintains the marketing data warehouse that comes as a part of the ADI offering.

Ability to Push Edits Back to PPC Ad Networks

Funnel is great at pulling data in from many different sources. Their data connectors are one way which means while data can flow to reports or BI tools, pushing that data back to ad platforms requires customers to complete additional engineering.

At Shape, our products allow users to pull data from and push data back to ad networks. We believe that every digital advertising team should be able to build their own custom tools and solutions to address their unique PPC needs. Push changes to bids, budgets, and statuses automatically based on custom rules and your unique best practices using Shape.

The Shape ADI is designed with this in mind. Lay the foundation for building custom solutions beyond reporting.

Are Professional Services like Consulting Included in Pricing?

Funnel offers dedicated success teams and support for their customers on enterprise plans over $999/month.

Beginning with Shape's Starter ADI plan ($499/month), we offer built-in consulting services as part of the pricing. Our engineering team can assist your team with needs such as project scoping and data requirements. Leverage our years of domain expertise to build your perfect PPC technology solution!

Get Started Building Solutions with the Shape ADI

Fuel your PPC data analytics engine with Shape's ADI. Uncover business-changing insights when you combine robust advertising data from Shape's cross-channel API with the speed and power of full maintained marketing data warehouse.

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