Mad Fish Digital Automates 400 PPC Budgeting Hours


At the start of 2018, digital marketing agency Mad Fish Digital set an aggressive company goal: use automation and technology to reclaim 1000 work hours over the course of one year.

The company—which offers paid media management, technical SEO, content marketing, design, and digital strategy services—felt that one area they could gain efficiency was pay-per-click (PPC) budget management.

Partnering with Shape

By partnering with Shape, Mad Fish Digital was able to simplify their PPC budgeting processes and reclaim 400 hours toward their 1000 hour goal. Read on to learn more about how Mad Fish Digital reduced their manual budgeting workflows and refocused that time on creating exceptional digital strategies.

Increasing Efficiency With Automation

Before Shape, Mad Fish Digital utilized Google Apps Scripts and Google Sheets to track ad spend for their 20+ digital advertising clients. The team spent hours updating spend and performance reports for campaigns across Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Based on the results, team members would then manually optimize campaigns, adjust daily budgets, or change campaign statuses. This process was time consuming and cost prohibitive.

Believing that they could automate these tasks, the team turned to Shape.

Now, rather than spending time pulling spend reports across multiple channels, Mad Fish Digital team members simply log in to Shape's ppc automation software. Spend and performance metrics from multiple advertising platforms and client accounts are presented in an intuitive, easily-scannable dashboard.

The team creates different "Budgets" to track each of their clients' campaign initiatives. Color-coded spend bars allow the team to quickly visualize how budgets are pacing toward their targets. Team members can monitor and compare spend across multiple platforms and geographic locations, adjust daily budgets, and change campaign statuses all in one place.

"It's a no-brainer. By migrating to Shape, we’ve added hours back each month that we use to develop stronger strategies. We pour that time back into our clients’ accounts."

- Brian Penner, Team Lead

Read the Complete Mad Fish Digital Case Study

To learn more about how Mad Fish Digital reduced their PPC budget workload by 400 hours, read the full case study.

About the Author

Nicole Mears is a former PPC analyst, department head, and product manager.

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