Next&Co Grows Client Billings 10% with Better Budget Tracking [Case Study]

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Award-winning performance digital marketing agency, Next&Co, is focused on making the digital world a better place. The team set a goal to increase client billings by 10% in 2022, which would have been a challenge with the "frakensteined spreadsheets" they used to manage digital advertising spend before Shape. It was "unsustainable, unreliable, and expensive," says Max Massia, the Head of Media at Next&Co.

The Challenge

Next&Co manages a higher-than-average number of ad accounts than the average media agency and therefore needs a spend tracking solution that A) enables them to manage media spend across many clients and many channels at scale B) provides a solution that can automate spend pacing across their clients’ entire media plans.

They decided to automate their PPC budget tracking with software after identifying that their manual tracking process “naturally led to errors, missing data, and was a tremendous waste of time.”

Partnering with Shape

"You have to try You will spend more efficiently, get better results, and save time. You’ll see the returns from day one."

- Max Massia, Next&Co

Using Shape, Next&Co consolidated media spend for all their clients into a single intuitive dashboard. They can now monitor and optimize ad campaign performance for Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest together in one platform

Automation Enables Team to Focus More on Macro and Micro-Level Optimizations

By eliminating time spent populating tracking spreadsheets and repeating low-value pacing tasks, the team can focus more on the macro-level (strategy) and micro-level (ad and targeting) for clients.

Using CruiseControl, Shape's automated budget pacing solution, and AutoPilot, Shape's overspend protection feature, Next&Co has grown client billings by 10% by being more effective at spending planned budgets across campaign flights.

Massia notes that pacing-related errors have fallen by 80%, and the team is more engaged because they feel a huge burden has been lifted off their shoulders.

"With, we say goodbye to tedious manual checks. We gain invaluable peace of mind by letting the system adjust budgets towards one common goal."

- Max Massia, Next&Co

Read the Complete Next&Co Case Study

To learn more about how Next&Co increased client billings by 10% while reducing pacing-related errors by 80%, download the full case study.

About the Author

Nicole Mears is a former PPC analyst, department head, and product manager.

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