Generate a Live PPC Agency Dashboard in Minutes with Shape Reports

Shape's Live PPC Agency Dashboard

When most PPC advertisers at agencies think of “reporting”, the first thing that comes to mind is recurring client reporting. But for a PPC department to be successful, it’s equally important that they keep their stakeholders (ex: bosses and executive suites) aware of how clients are performing on a regular basis as well.

Assembling every client’s PPC performance data into a high-level PPC agency dashboard can take hours of gathering data, normalizing metrics across clients and ad networks, and formatting it into multiple different reports to suit stakeholders’ needs. Or, you can now simply launch Shape’s new Live Company Dashboard.

As part of our In-Platform PPC Reporting rollout, Shape recently launched the Live Company Dashboard. The Live Company Dashboard is an agency dashboard that shows live performance data for all Clients and Budgets being actively tracked in Shape. The dashboard provides PPC performance metrics for the most current Budget cycle and highlights specific trends (% growth/dips in spend, CPA vs. Conversions) that may warrant attention and/or optimization.

Video walk through of Company-Level PPC reporting with Shape Reports:

Step-by-step guide for launching and sharing these reports:

Launch A Live Company Dashboard

Screenshot of Shape's Live PPC Agency Dashboard showing live client performance data

By completing three simple steps, you can launch a Live Company Dashboard with all your clients’ performance data in under a minute.

  • Step #1 - Navigate to your Shape Dashboard and select the graph icon in the “Tools” toolbar.
  • Highlighting where to click in Shape interface to access agency-level PPC reports

  • Step #2 - On the Company Reports page, click “Live Company Dashboard”.
  • The company-level reports page where Shape users can access the Live PPC Agency Dashboard

  • Step #3 - Log in to Google if you’re asked to do so. Then click “Open Report” to go directly to the report.
  • The form where Shape users enter their contacts' email addresses to share the Live PPC Agency Dashboard with them
  • For more detail on launching and sharing a Company-level report, as well as the rest of our in-platform reports, check out the In-Platform Reports section in Shape’s Knowledge Base.

Who Should I Share the Live Company Dashboard with?

Shape’s PPC agency dashboards, including the Live Company Dashboard, display all of the active clients you have in Shape. The other company-level reports include the Company Performance Report and the Historical Budget Report.

This report is designed to be shared internally with other members of your company who do not have access to Shape. Note that if you share this report with a Client they will have access and insight into your other Clients’ performance metrics.

The report is very useful in providing understandng of how your PPC department is performing at the highest level as well as how each of your company’s clients are trending for the current budget cycle. It’s also helpful in bubbling up information such as which clients are on track to hit their budget targets and if they are meeting key performance indicators. This makes this report highly useful for team members including account managers, department managers, customer success managers, and executive leaders.

How To Launch Your Own:


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