[Podcast] Attracting Eyeballs in the Modern Attention Economy

When we aren't sleeping our attention is always being drawn somewhere. We are consuming more advertising and content than ever. It's also harder than ever to stand out because of all the noise.

In this episode, Nicole and Jon talk through how the changes in people's attention habits have influenced marketing decisions at Shape and how that led to filming a plane doing a fly by in the Oregon desert for a recent video.

Show Notes

As Nicole puts it, the ultimate threat to most companies is "losing the eyeballs". This is especially true for networks like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn which command huge percentages of people's attention. These networks build features and new tools to grab more of people's attention. And it's working. In the business world, LinkedIn has seen an explosion of activity over the last few years.

Just being present isn't enough. You need to find ways to uniquely break into someone's attention.

At Shape, we've been experimenting with some new ways to try to break through the noise. Nicole and Jon talk the most recent experiment which led to Jon filming this announcement video in the Oregon desert for our most recent feature launch.

Every marketing challenge is unique. There is no blueprint. But if everyone is doing one thing, maybe it is the best time to think about how to do something else.

About the Hosts

Nicole Mears

Nicole is a former PPC analyst, department head, and product manager. She focuses on marketing and customer success.

Jon Davis

Spent years as a PPC consultant and agency analyst before focusing on making software.


This episode was produced by Max Bettendorf.

A big thanks also to 🎼 Music Flow Teaching for the intro and outro music, if you are in Central Oregon you should look them up for in-home creative music lessons.🎼)

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