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We have a background in digital marketing with a focus on PPC advertising. We built Shape to solve problems we saw firsthand growing teams and developing workflows at digital marketing agencies.


PPC Management Software for Agencies [2023 Guide]

The 'Best PPC Management Software' Doesn't Exist

Marketing Budget Management Software: What Is It And Do You Need It?

Marketing Budget Management Software helps your company track and manage how much you spend on various marketing initiatives each month. Learn how software can make your team more effective and reduce profit-decimating errors.

Navigate the Transition to New PPC Reporting Software Like a Pro

10 steps to flawlessly onboard new PPC reporting software for your agency.

Shape.io is now part of NinjaCat!

NinjaCat has acquired Shape.io’s PPC Budgeting Platform to accelerate delivery of an all-in-one platform to store, report, monitor, analyze, and act on marketing data at scale.

Facebook Ads Budget: The Definitive Guide for Agencies

A guide to managing and pacing Facebook Ads budgets at scale for your PPC clients.

LinkedIn Ads Budget: The Definitive Guide for Agencies

Solutions for managing and pacing LinkedIn Ads budgets at scale for clients.

PPC Budget Performance Reports: Share Campaign-Level Performance Insights by Budget

This report provides a budget-level summary of top PPC related KPIs, it also includes a breakdown of performance for each campaign in the budget.

Deliver Automated PPC Spend Tracking Reports to Your Clients in Under a Minute

This report highlights a PPC Budget’s target cap, current ad spend, ideal daily spend, and ad campaign performance metrics simply and quickly.

PPC Client Performance Reports: Give Clients Direct Access to Current and Historical Advertising Insights

Viewers can easily and simply visualize how metrics such as spend, conversions, and conversion rates have changed over time with a few simple clicks.

How to Write a PPC Report That’ll Impress Your Clients

Advice and tactics for creating compelling repots to deliver to your PPC clients.

PPC Client Dashboards: The Easiest Way to Communicate Live Performance Results Directly to Customers

The Live PPC Client Dashboard is a client-facing performance report that displays PPC performance and spend data for a given client in Shape.

Compare Clients’ Historical PPC Spends to Past Budget Targets with Shape Reports

The Company Historical Budget Report makes it easy to see how closely Clients hit or missed their budget targets for any budget cycle as well as view historical spend.

PPC Agency Reports: Automate High-Level Performance Analysis for All Your Clients

Company Performance reports display current and historical PPC performance data for all Clients.

Generate a Live PPC Agency Dashboard in Minutes with Shape Reports

The Live Company Dashboard is a cross-agency dashboard that shows live performance data for all Clients and Budgets being actively tracked in Shape.

The Cost of Building Your Own Google BigQuery Data Warehouse for PPC Data

The Shape team breaks down common reasons why your Google BigQuery data warehouse may be accumulating more costs than you expected and how to prevent it moving forward when working with PPC data.

BI Tools for PPC Agencies

We don’t believe there is any one “best” business intelligence solution for PPC work. But there is a “best” solution for your company.

How To Transfer Twitter Ads Data into Google BigQuery

Analyzing Twitter Ads account performance data at scale is possible with Google BigQuery. Follow these steps to launch and populate a Data Warehouse with Twitter Ads data that requires zero coding.

How To Transfer LinkedIn Ads Data into Google BigQuery

Analyzing LinkedIn Ads account performance data at scale is possible with Google BigQuery. Follow these steps to launch and populate a Data Warehouse with LinkedIn Ads data that requires zero coding.

How to Transfer Microsoft Ads Data into Google BigQuery

Created and designed by Google, BigQuery is a great data warehousing option for storing Microsoft Ads data.

How to Transfer Facebook Ads Data into Google BigQuery

Created and designed by Google, BigQuery is a great data warehousing option for storing Facebook Ads data.

How Google Data Studio is Reshaping the PPC Software Market

Google’s presence is reshaping every aspect of building a PPC software company from sales conversations, to product roadmaps and investor pitches.

How to Transfer Google Ads Data into Google BigQuery

Created and designed by Google, BigQuery is a great PPC data warehousing option for marketers.

What is a PPC Data Pipeline?

A PPC data pipeline is software that accepts PPC data from multiple sources, standardizes formatting, and creates an automated flow of the data to be sent to other destinations such as business intelligence tools or data warehouses.

4 Problems an Advertising Data Infrastructure Solves For Your Agency

Launching your own Advertising Data Infrastructure is a quick and easy step your PPC agency can take to start eliminating some of your pressing data challenges.

Google Ads Budget: The Definitive Guide for Agencies

Solutions for managing PPC budget pacing at scale for clients.

PPC Monitoring Tool Options

PPC monitoring, reporting and management tools to help you automate tasks or detect anomalies in your data before something goes wrong.

The Secret to an Effective Chatbot Marketing Strategy

Chatbots have found a promising niche in digital marketing. Increasingly, marketers have found that the killer app for chatbots is conversion rate optimization.

It's Okay to Disagree with a PPC Client

Don't make the mistake of living by the motto the customer is always right as a PPCer.

Nail or Fail Your Next PPC Budget Recommendation Using These 12 Techniques

Over eight years as an account manager, I pitched hundreds of budget recommendations to various levels of success. During that time, I discovered which strategies turned reticent clients into top spenders and which techniques scared clients away.

Still the Best Analogy for Google's Business Model I've Ever Heard

Still the best simplification of why Google and parent company Alphabet do what they do.

Google Advertiser Community: Mine This Staggering Large Community for Content Marketing Ideas

The Google Advertiser Community provides a forum for digital marketers to post questions regarding Google’s advertising products.

Grow Your Digital Advertising Agency Faster with Budget Management Software

Agency budgeting software can eliminate wasted hours, allowing teams to manage more clients, improve profitability, and ultimately grow business.

4 Skills to Cultivate as a Digital Marketer that Prepare you to Manage a Team

Team management positions don’t open up frequently. But if the opportunity presents itself, becoming a people manager or department head can be a feasible next step for a motivated digital advertiser….even the ones who don’t think they have “management potential.”

How Will Virtual Reality (VR) Affect Digital Advertising?

Here are some ways I think VR will change the day-to-day for digital advertisers over the coming years.

How to Avoid Digital Advertising Budgeting Disasters

Learn about three common (and costly) mistakes and how you can prevent them.

Pros & Cons of Common PPC Budget Management Solutions

We outline the pros and cons of each to help you choose the right option for your organization.

Overcoming Client Objections to Increasing PPC Budgets

Whether you manage pay-per-click advertising campaigns with fixed or flexible budgets, at some point you will likely deliver a PPC budget recommendation suggesting the client increase their digital ad spend.

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